Amazon Web Services AWS re:Invent / re:Play – The Bridge

A large logistical feat of the AWS re:Play event is creating the means for proper crowd flow. With 17,000 AWS re:Play attendees in 2016, 25,000 in 2017, and more expected in the future that need secure access to a location with no direct or private route, we knew that a short and smooth entry into the re:Play party would be critical. We designed and built a bridge that spans from the elevated Sands Expo Hall into the LINQ / High Roller parking lot. We assemble the bridge over the course of 3 days; using the world’s largest single piece hydraulic crane, it is lifted it over the Las Vegas Monorail, then tucked under the monorail structure and secured in about an hour.

As AWS re:Invent continues to grow beyond traditional venue capacity, the “AWS Bridge” functions to unify a greater campus between the AWS re:Invent Expo, conference, and Keynote spaces, and the AWS re:Play common, social, hackathon and entertainment spaces.