“The Rise & The Fall of The Mainframe” at AWS re:Invent

For the 2017 AWS re:Invent kick-off party “Midnight Madness”, we created two short documentaries about the rise and fall of mainframe computers. Playfully highlighting the flaws that led to its declining importance, our goal was to poke fun at mainframe technology and thus emphasize AWS’ cloud computing dominance and capabilities.

In order to tell the eventful story in a coherent way, considering the time frame and setting, we developed a cartoon character resembling a mainframe computer to have a relatable and entertaining narration tool. We wrote scenes that placed the hand-drawn hero in everyday situations, which functioned as understandable allegories to simplify the technical development of the mainframe computers.

In addition to the cartoon, we produced a series of interviews with tech legends that personally witnessed the rise and fall of mainframes. The combination of their unique experiences and the entertaining adventures of the cartoon character created two vivid and amusing short documentaries.