Production Club is an international, specialized team of multidisciplinary individuals who design and produce music-based parties, shows, and experiences worldwide.

Los Angeles HQ

Corey Johnson


Corey defines Production Club’s overall direction and focus, working across the creative and production spectra. He enjoys being close to the fire.

B.A. Communication – USC

Vivek Srinivasan


Vivek manages Production Club operations. He is our Financial Designer and Executive Producer for events. Vivek can freestyle rap while doing long division in loud environments.

B.S. Business Entrepreneurship – USC

Miguel Risueño, aka Mike808

CCO + Production Designer

Miguel leads the creative for all projects as NOT Creative Director. He designs and directs shows with the attitude of an angry kitten.

M.Sc. Music Technology – Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Kyle McCarthy


You probably know Kyle, or he knows you. Kyle cultivates and extends the reach of Production Club and is the father of @Bakerpuppy.

College Dropout

Natalia De La Parra

Legal + Business Director

Natalia is a swiss-army knife handling finance, HR, insurance, and contracts. She keeps it legal.

BS Business Administration - Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain
JD - Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain

Eric Au

Art Director + Lead Designer

Eric designs, defines, and oversees art for all of the company’s projects. He reveres apex predators, mainlines sugar, and startles easily.

B.F.A. Graphic Design – Cal Poly Pomona

Max Nicklas

Media Designer + Video Director

Max is a visual artist cursed by an amulet that tethers him to storytelling in timelines.

Diplom Media Design – UAS Mainz Germany

Brian Rigazzi

Sr. Designer

Brian is a problem-solving designer with leveled-up stats in interactive and experiential. A user-centered mind, Brian is already wearing your shoes.

BS Anthropology, BFA Graphic Design - Cal Poly Pomona

Raul Castillo Cortes

Senior Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Raul combines the rough spirit of street art and sophisticated creative sensitivity to blow our minds on a daily basis.

BA Graphic Design - Escuela Superior de Diseño Zaragoza Spain

Scott Bokowski

Technical Producer

Scott’s production acumen spans 40+ years of technical expertise. He does __MANY THINGS__ for many of the company’s largest and most ambitious projects.

Theater Production - UCLA

Lucas Durand

Event Producer

Lucas is a Renaissance Man, specialized in generalism. His field of action ranges from producing and overseeing all physical builds within an event, to managing all production deadlines and budgets within any events.

Eric Ginnetty

Show Producer

Eric G is the G. Coming from a touring production background he produces shows from napkin drawing to execution.

B.A. Media Arts - Emerson College

Alexis Taylor

Production Coordinator

Alexis is an organizational ninja, implementing efficiencies and solutions while juggling a wide-range of responsibilities. Alexis carries the team with the most swag.

B.S. Music Industry – USC

Stephen Smith

Technical Coordinator

Stephen helps bring productions to life using technology.

B.S. Electrical Engineering – USC

Adriana Bartolomei

Executive Assistant + Office Manager

Adriana organizes chaos and speaks somewhere between 6 to 10 languages – but cannot wink, making everything more difficult for everyone.

BS Sound Technology, Minor in Microelectronics - DePaul School of Music

Megan Lane

Project Manager

Megan handles timelines with one hand while coordinating creative assets with the other, all while maximizing workflows.

BS Graphic Design - The Art Institute of California

Peter Bryant

Technical Director + Drafting

Peter works on the implementation, management, and drawings of our event projects.  He has a wealth of production tricks, wears Hawaiian shirts, and probably enjoys a strong whiskey.

Theatre – UCLA, CSUSB


Hugo Bermudez, aka Sadgas

Concept Artist + 3D Modeler

Hugo is a CG Ronin. He is interested in screws, machines, and pixel scavenging.

Ángel Vázquez, aka WatchOutFreedom

Concept Artist + Architect

Ángel helps to surface and navigate new ideas. Portable and pencil friendly.

Jose Felix Lucia

Software Engineer + Designer

Jose Felix is a midnight coder, race condition modeler, hardware explorer, and last-minute problem solver. Usually modeling/rendering in Blender and Unreal Engine 4, and coding in C++, OGL, and Nvidia tools (CUDA, cudnn).

Computer Science - EUPLA (La Almunia)
Computer Science - CPS (Zaragoza)

Francisco Zurita

Visual Director

Fran is an artist focused in CG, motion graphics, and photography. He has created visuals for productions for over a decade.

Grego Fernandez

Visual Artist + Animator

Grego began life as a graphic designer and traditional animator. Every day he focuses on improving his Kung Fu skills.

François Grumelin-Sohn, aka Kadavre Exquis

Visual Director + Animator

Kadavre is a French designer based out of the top of the Eiffel tower. He is a color fighter and beat warrior. He is the French solution to any international design need and as such smokes cigarettes with café after a nice breakfast of croissants and baguettes.